Justfree will replace any lost or damaged orders immediately. No need to wait for weeks to process claims by the courier.

What we consider as lost:

You haven’t received your shipment even though it says „delivered“. Please allow 5 days to receive your parcel. The courier may mark it delivered prematurely and try a second delivery, or the parcel could be found in a safe location on your property.

If there are many parcels on the network, and we know of any delays, we reserve the right classify this as „delay“. Otherwise we offer refund or replacement.

What We Consider Damaged:

The items arrive in a damaged state – clothing is stained, wet etc.

The box/packet has opened in transit and some of the items are missing.

Contact us as soon as possible if you receive damaged items or a missing item. Send us photographic proof of damaged items.

What we do not cover:

Incorrect address details may result in missing parcels and/or redelivery charges.

– Transit delays

This may be due to inventory issues or dispatch delays. It could be because of inventory problems or delays in dispatch.

We cannot be responsible for delays caused by customs. Contact your courier to pay the required customs fee. We will not be responsible for return fees if you do not pay customs. These charges will be taken from your refund if you choose to refuse payment.

If items are left on your property but they disappear, you waive any right of claim under the carrier’s terms and conditions.

How to submit your claim:

Click here to select „Premium shipping protection“ as the reason for your contact. Our customer service staff will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

If your package does not appear within the specified time frame, please return it to us.

You agree to the following terms by selecting Premium Shipping Protector.

Please do not contact us regarding any missing packages until after the time period has expired.

The Premium Shipping Insurance is not refundable.

Our Policy for Unprotected Parcel:

If your parcel is lost, we will use the courier’s claims policy to locate it. The courier may decide to take up to 6-8 weeks.

We are not responsible for refunds or replacements if your parcel is accompanied by a GPS or photo evidence that shows it was delivered at your home, with your neighbor, or in a safe location.